Engineering Manager - AI

Zagreb, Croatia

As an Engineering Manager you will have the opportunity to build and support great engineering teams at Photomath. You are expected to nurture the growth mindset and our unique engineering-driven innovation culture. You will identify growth opportunities for engineers and help them deliver great experiences to our users. You will have a chance to come up with creative ways to hit our goals by leveraging amazing engineering potential and in-house innovation capabilities. We do not expect you to write code and do hands-on technical work, but we expect technical excellence in order to drive roadmapping, system design and similar activities and understand and empathise with our engineers.

Our dev stack:

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Kotlin, Java, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, BigQuery, Redis, Elastic Search, C++, Boost, PyTorch, ArgoCD, React, Typescript, NodeJS, Swift.

As our Engineering Manager you will help us with:

Scope and Strategy-

  • Manage a team or several smaller teams of individuals that deliver on multiple projects in your domain of expertise in an end 2 end fashion (from plan to deployment and maintenance)
  • Understand product and company strategy, collaborate with cross-functional partners and drive goal setting, prioritisation and roadmapping
  • Actively propose and implement improvements in internal processes and procedures within the team, Org and company

Technical Direction-

  • Be able to replace any engineer in the team in activities like roadmapping, planning, prioritization, reviews and technical decision making. Preferably, an engineering manager is also able to replace engineers in some technical work if needed, although pure tech work is not expected 
  • Detect blind spots in team's technical plans and execution and help in removing any roadblocks 

Grow our Engineers-

  • Look for opportunities for individuals to grow and develop, match their strengths with project/product needs and helps them come up with their own career goals
  • Coach engineers in technical work as well as non-technical work like planning, delegation, unblocking themselves, communication & cross-functional work, project management and similar activities
  • Demonstrate growth mindset and self-reflection. Actively seek constructive feedback from team members and give constructive feedback to them on a regular basis.
  • Participate in the performance management process 
  • Inspire and motivate team towards maximum happiness and output

Our ideal candidate has:

  • Strong technical background and at least 5 years in the industry
  • At least 3 years of leadership experience as being a Team Lead, Engineering Manager or equivalent role
  • Track record of delivering successful products as an engineer and a team lead
  • Experience guiding the continuous improvement of processes and technology
  • Thrive on providing and receiving honest but constructive feedback
  • Flexibility to work in diverse environments (in office or remotely, across different business locations and time zones, occasional flexible work hours)
  • Excellent English language skills (speaking and writing)

An additional plus is if you have:

  • Strong technical skills in the team's domain 
  • Experience of being an Engineering Manager in international environment

In your first week on the job, expect to:

  • Follow your personalised ramp up plan
  • Meet key people and watch introduction lectures
  • Start reading our documentation, strategy, rhythm of business of your target team

In your first month you will:

  • Start having 1:1s with your team members
  • Learn about the tech stack, projects and challenges of your target team
  • Learn about the work and people in other teams
  • Learn about our culture and what is engineering-driven innovation
  • Learn how Engineering Management at Photomath works now and how we envision it in the future
  • Start learning about our cross-functional partners from Product, Content, Math R&D and other teams

After first three months you will be able to:

  • Propose improvements in the way how your team and other engineering teams work
  • Actively participate in technical and product related discussions
  • Drive the roadmapping of a certain project
  • Start understanding the strengths and aspirations of your team mates
  • Enroll in our Engineering Management Academy program

After first six months you will:

  • Support your team in driving projects from ideation to production
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive roadmapping and project execution
  • Conduct performance reviews which means asking for and collecting feedback, figuring out growth opportunities for your team members and giving them guidance on how to improve and grow further
  • Be able to understand existing processes, company and product strategy and OKRs
  • Interview new potential team members

After a year and beyond you will:

  • Have at least one major initiative or project completed with clear positive impact on the product
  • Create a roadmap and define OKRs for your team for the next year
  • Be able to effectively curate and align bottom-up engineering initiatives with the company and product goals and OKRs
  • Be able to propose and implement continuous improvements in Engineering Org and maybe even beyond (company-wide impact)

Salary range: 

  • Starting from 4,778.02 EUR  gross and beyond, depending on the candidate's experience. You are welcome to give us a suggestion here.
  • Stock options

What we offer:

  • User friendly, agile selection process consisting of just 3 clear steps
  • An opportunity to work on innovative  projects with global impact in close
  • Flexible working hours and work from home arrangements 
  • Dedication to a healthy work-life balance and various benefits for parents 
  • A diverse environment with agile and talented individuals across the career spectrum - to teach and be taught
  • A friendly, collaboration-heavy team atmosphere
  • A culture that recognises and rewards dedication and success
  • Dedicated person (mentor/buddy) to help you navigate your first weeks in a new role
  • Learning and growth opportunities through knowledge sharing, education and conferences, individual development plan with a dedicated budget, weekly time devoted to learning new things
  • Cutting edge hardware and equipment, budget for additional equipment
  • Company events and celebrations, company retreat, team budget for team building activities
  • Birthday and holiday presents for employees and their kids
  • Generous vacation and paid leave policy, sick leave without a doctor's note, annual physical exam (check-up)
  • Multisport card for various discounts at sport facilities
  • Underground bicycle parking garage
  • Modern office design, great view :) and great location (Zagreb, Strojarska 20)

And what do we do?

Photomath is a fast-growing EdTech company whose mobile app is the #1 app in the world to learn math. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, the app instantly scans, accurately solves, and intuitively explains printed and handwritten math problems to users through step-by-step explanations.

With over 300 million downloads globally, Photomath is the most popular mobile application from Croatia and one of the most popular educational apps of all times. Since its launch in 2014, our award-winning app has topped App Store & Google Play Store education charts and Apple has recently declared it the application of the day.

Today, we employ  200+ people and have offices in Zagreb and Silicon Valley. We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills, united by passion for technology and innovation. We believe that math is an increasingly crucial skill, particularly as problem-solving and quantitative analysis become prerequisites for many occupations.

We are constantly expanding what Photomath can do and the types and quality of our content - we have so much more ahead of us and we need your help to get there. 

Join us in our mission to revolutionize learning math and help students across the globe gain math superpowers!

Engineering Manager - AI

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Engineering Manager - AI

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