We are building the world’s leading math learning app

Photomath is the fast-growing and forward-thinking EdTech company behind the world’s leading math learning app – and we’re here to revolutionize the way people learn.

Even as an engineer, our founder and CEO Damir Sabol often had trouble when it came time to help with his son’s math homework. How could he check for accuracy and explain math in a simple, approachable way? Or even worse: What if he didn’t remember how to do that kind of math problem? 

As many parents know, these kinds of challenges can lead to long, tearful nights at the kitchen table. But Damir thought, there must be a better way… and so, the idea for Photomath was born!

Powered by advanced machine learning technology, the Photomath app instantly scans printed or handwritten math problems to accurately and intuitively explain all levels of math, step by step.Want to see it in action? Check out this video to learn more about our product.

Today, Photomath has grown into a team of 200+ people on a mission to make learning accessible through artificial intelligence and real empathy – because technology is cool, but what you do with it is what really counts.

Open job positions

Want to be part of our story? We’re always looking for more mission-driven, lifelong learners to join us! A love of math isn’t technically required, but we’ll warn you: it’s contagious.

Our hiring process

Take a look inside our hiring process - see how we hire

  • Apply 

    See a team or role that interests you? Click on the role to submit your application! 

    We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome are *real* problems, and they can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don’t hesitate to apply — we’d really love to hear from you.


  • Interview 

    The interview process consists of multiple stages and varies from team to team, but this is typically what the process looks like:


  • Recruiter screen 

    One of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will reach out if they think you might fit the role. Be prepared to introduce yourself and discuss how your experience aligns with the position.


  • Hiring manager interview 

    You’ll talk one-on-one with the hiring manager to give them a more in-depth understanding of your skillset, area of expertise, and experience.


  • Case study/Technical interview 

    We’re big fans of the “show, don’t tell” philosophy, so for most roles, we’ll ask you to complete a brief (<2 hours) case study or technical assignment to see your skills in action! 


  • Final interview 

    For some roles, you’ll meet with other stakeholders or cross-functional team members to learn more about our culture, collaboration, and vision.


  • Decide 

    The interview team will come together to make a decision. The hiring manager and talent acquisition specialist will share the exciting news with you and walk you through the details of the offer.


Benefits at Photomath

Our benefits program is designed to support a healthy work-life balance – because it shouldn’t be a headache to take care of yourself.

Our values

Photomath is about so much more than solving math problems (although we do love math!), and our values aren’t just empty corporate platitudes. At our very core, we are driven by curiosity, empathy, creativity, and clarity — in how we innovate, how we work together, and how we want to inspire our users. Swipe ➡️ to learn more about what our values mean to us.



Engineering is the backbone of our company and includes AI and Machine Learning, iOS and Android native, web development, C++, software tools and infrastructure, DevOps, and data engineering and analytics.

Math Learning

Mathematicians and math teachers are the heart of Photomath; we’re a math app after all ;) Our R&D team researches learning standards of different countries and creates the methodology and priority sequence for how Photomath returns solutions. Our Content Operations then applies R&D’s standards to create high quality math content (aka the step-by-step solutions Photomath is best known for).


Our Product, Marketing, Design and QA teams are responsible for the user experience. They work cross-functionally with every team to deliver on our promise of a simple, intuitive and helpful math learning app.

Business functions

Operations, Finance, Legal, Customer Support and People & Culture are the support foundations of Photomath-they enable the company to accomplish the vision and big initiatives we have set for ourselves. From strategic and budget planning, to finding the best people, to planning fun evenings out together, these teams make sure everyone at Photomath has everything they need to do and feel their best.

Life at Photomath

Because #LifeAtPhotomath is about so much more than just work

Company Retreat


We’re a globally distributed company across the US, UK, and Croatia, but we do have two (often treat-filled) physical offices: San Mateo, California & Zagreb, Croatia.

US office

20 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401, USA

CRO office

Strojarska cesta 20, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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