Photomath is a fast-growing EdTech company and we’re the top math learning app in the world, with almost 300-million downloads.

An engineer by background, our founder and CEO Damir Sabol often found it challenging trying to explain math concepts in an easy, approachable way, and so it was out of his personal struggles that sparked the idea for Photomath. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, app instantly scans, accurately solves, and intuitively explains printed and handwritten math problems to users through step-by-step explanations. 

We are a team of 160+ people and our mission is to help people understand math, one step at a time.

Open job positions

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Recruitment process

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  • Interview 

    In person interviews are where we get to learn more about each other :) Besides interviews, you’ll be invited to do a small project which differs per team.


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Engineering is the backbone of our company and includes AI and Machine Learning, iOS and Android native, web development, C++, software tools and infrastructure, DevOps, and data engineering and analytics.

Math Learning

Mathematicians and math teachers are the heart of Photomath; we’re a math app after all ;) Our R&D team researches learning standards of different countries and creates the methodology and priority sequence for how Photomath returns solutions. Our Content Operations then applies R&D’s standards to create high quality math content (aka the step-by-step solutions Photomath is best known for).


Our Product, Marketing, Design and QA teams are responsible for the user experience. They work cross-functionally with every team to deliver on our promise of a simple, intuitive and helpful math learning app.

Business functions

Operations, Finance, Legal, Customer Support and People & Culture are the support foundations of Photomath-they enable the company to accomplish the vision and big initiatives we have set for ourselves. From strategic and budget planning, to finding the best people, to planning fun evenings out together, these teams make sure everyone at Photomath has everything they need to do and feel their best.

Our guiding principles

Regardless of the situation, our behavior is what creates the culture at Photomath. These are the most important principles we cherish both inside and outside the office:


Everyone part of Photomath is treated with respect - whether you’re a full-time team member, a part-time colleague, platform user or third-party vendor - we act honestly, communicate openly and expect that all team members are operating with the best intentions.

Committed to personal development

We proactively invest in our team-from leadership coaching, regular one-on-one check-ins, and other workshops-we take time to nurture team members because we grow when our people grow.


We are respectful of one another and think how our behavior might be perceived by and affect others.


We welcome different opinions and suggestions and believe the best ideas are created through team cooperation and collaboration.


When making business decisions we use data as a starting point while recognizing the value of our own knowledge and experience.


We take time to brainstorm and invite new approaches to problem solving and idea experimentation.